Stone Polishing

Stone polishing, or more officially known as ‘Lapidary’, is centuries old. Not many people fully understand what actually goes into selecting, cutting, polishing and setting a stone in a piece of jewellery. It’s a complex process which takes time, effort and a keen eye.

To give you a bit of insight into the process, below I will show a number of stages in the making of a silver and Scottish agate pendant.

Lapidary Process 

1. Agate is cut and marked with desired shape.


stone_ground_to_shape (1)
2. Agate shape is ground out.


stone_mounted_on_wax_stick (1).jpg
3. Agate shape is wax mounted to allow freedom to work.


4. First cabochon grinding stage.


5. Second cabochon grinding stage.


6. Final cabochon grinding stage.


stone_smoothing (1).jpg
7. Smoothing stage.


stone_polishing (1).jpg
8. Polishing stage.


9. Polished stone on the mount.


10. Finished stone set in a pendant.
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