Perth Agates

This locality is 30 miles due North of Edinburgh, and is a town famous for its surrounding scenery and hospitable people. The agate bearing rock surround Perth, and there are some great locations mainly due east and south of the town.

Ballindean Agates


This is a very famous locality some 12 miles east of Perth, and has lovely fortification agates, which are mainly pastel shades of pink and pale blue, often with complimenting centres of quartz including amethyst. The nicest of these agates are the ‘flame’ agates, which really look like the agate is on fire. These have beautiful swirls of tight fortification banding rising like fire to the top of the agate. When coloured pink and red these agates are truly spectacular!

Glenfarg Agates (Binn Hill)


This is a classic agate location sited 7 miles south east of Perth, and has some excellent variety of agate types with fortification being the main form. Pale blue colour predominates with the famous carnelian ‘splash’ often seen in the agates. The red splash set against the pale blue makes for a beautiful combination, which makes these highly collectable, and also one of my favourite types of agate.

Black Hill Agates


If you travel 5 miles west-north-west of Ballindean you will reach black hill, which over the years has unearthed substantial agates, sometimes up to 18cm in size. Red and brown colours are common in these agates, with white fortification often associated as well.

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