Wall Hangings

Driven by a strong desire to share the beauty and diversity of the marbles of Skye, let me introduce you to the wonderful world of Skye Marble Wall Hangings.

The variety of natural colours formed in Skye marble is not the only amazing feature this stone has to offer. They have long been famous for their rare natural lines and shapes throughout the stones, which look like scenic views such as mountains or seas.

I have managed, by careful selecting the finest quality marble, to produce unique wall hangings showing extended landscapes or seascapes which mirror the beautiful natural scenery found all over the island. From the Cuillin mountain range in the north, to the rough seas around the south coast.​​​​​​​ The scene is viewed along the slabs which are all irregular in shape as this is the natural shape of the stone used.

The process involves selecting suitable quality marble before slicing numerous slabs on the stone cutter. Each slab is then closely examined to identify the natural markings which will work well in producing a scene of beauty and continuity. Once the slabs have been chosen, each piece is trimmed to fit keeping it’s natural outline, and then polished before being set onto a canvas for support. The canvas is then framed by a local professional framer to produce individual art works which are all completely unique.

Please see below examples of the hangings I have in stock, although this will vary depending on my production schedule. If you are interested in making a purchase you can view the full range, prices and more details here.


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