Agate for Sale

There is a tremendous variety of Scottish agate, with each location having its own special identity. During my years of collecting, I have amassed enough agate to offer this beautiful stone to other people, in either its rough or polished forms.

If you have any special preference not mentioned here, then please contact me either via my contact page, or by using my contact details at the head of this page, with your request and I will do my best to fulfil it.

Polished Agate


The real beauty of Scottish agate is best observed in the final polished stone. If you are a gemstone collector or own a business making jewellery, here is your opportunity to own lovely pieces of quality polished Scottish agate. I can produce, to order, a complete range of finished pieces, from small cabochons (5mm-8mm diameter) to large (25mm-40mm diameter). I can also produce different shapes such as oval, square and rectangular, and examples of all our items can be seen on the photograph above. Only the highest quality of Scottish agate is used to make these exquisite pieces, and they would make unique jewellery for yourself or someone else. If you would like to see more photographs or get more details of what I offer, please contact me.

Whole Agates


Whole agates ranging in size from 1-12cm can be supplied from locations such as Glenfarg, Tentsmuir and Black Quarry. Pricing depends on availability, size and of course quality, so please contact me with your requirements.

Half Agates


A really satisfying part of what I do, is cutting into whole agates to reveal what nature has hidden for millions of years! At any one time I will have a lot of half agate available for sale, and good discounts can be given for multiple purchases. I have a good selection of types such as fortification, solid coloured, plume or even deformation agate. so please contact me with what you are looking for, and I can send some photographs and details of the agates which you can select from.

Agate For Tumbling


The photograph above gives an example of the type of agate I can supply for tumbling. The pieces range in size from 1-4cm, and come from mainly Cupar, Ballindean, Black Quarry and Balmerino. This provides an excellent mix of colour and agate type, and will provide you with lovely polished stones. I sell by the pound so please contact me for a price, as this is dependent on quantity and shipping destination.

Scottish Crystals

Sparkling amethyst crystal, all beautifully coloured and conditioned, is just a small example of what Scotland offers! If you are looking for more information, please visit here.


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